Indoor climate sensor CS4B

Continuous measurements and data storage of temperature, humidity, CO2 and automatic reporting. Without display.

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The CS4B indoor climate meter records and monitors the temperature, humidity and CO2 concentration in an area. The CS4B is based on the SenseAir high-quality tSense meter WITHOUT display. Thanks to our innovative extension, the CS4B sends the measured values ​​to an online portal.

Online portal convenience:

  •     real-time insight into measured values
  •     data displayed on clear dashboards
  •     set notifications and alarms
  •     easily generate reports
  •     receive periodically automatic email reports

In addition to the hardware (the CS4B meter), the price includes the use of the online portal for 3 years to provide you with all the comforts.

Note: Do not forget to order one gateway with one or more meters. The gateway is necessary for our meters to communicate with the online platform.


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